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What do you mean by radical?

Radical Health was created in 2011 out of the desire to contribute to positive change in our world: The wish to empower people to return to a state of optimum health and well-being, through skilled treatment, maintenance and life-style guidance. In 2016, Radical Health moved to Nicholson Street in Fitzroy North and operates as a community oriented enterprise with a focus on de-mystifying health-care and maintenance, to empower you, our community, to take charge of what matters most – your health and well-being.

To help you find your way back to your optimal state of health, we offer a wealth of treatment approaches ranging from postural re-integration over myotherapy and remedial and sports massage to Lithos Therapy™.

Throughout each individual healing journey, our practitioners offer skilled therapy and guidance with a focus on empowering you to understand your body’s needs and capabilities so that you can find your way back to your optimal health without needing to rely on therapy in the long-term.
At Radical Health, we see you as an active part in your recovery or improvement process. We recognise the power of your body’s healing mechanisms and work to improve its various functions depending on your needs. Our practitioners are experienced and empathetic and will work with you, your expectations and your individual history.

We do not practice ‘one size fits all’ approaches and we are proud of the ‘tools in our tool-kits’ and our abilities to use them. We believe there are no two equal individuals, as everyone brings with them their personal, medical and spiritual histories and ‘baggage’ which all warrant specialised attention and care.
Our interests range from injury treatment and rehabilitation over acute and chronic disease presentations to the more subtle and fine impairments of the nervous system and its metaphysical extensions. We tailor each treatment regime to suit your individual needs at the time you come to work with us and we will make sure that you are in the best hands.

The word radical comes from the Latin, meaning root, and referring to the fundamental and most profound origin of something. It reflects our belief that to ’fix’ a problem, it is important to address its root-cause, rather than to perpetually fight its often superficial expressions or symptoms. Like weeds in your garden, you must pull them out at the root, otherwise they’ll keep reappearing. Think of your body as a fertile garden-bed, needing adequate nutrition and water. Are you a competent gardener yet?

  • The Constant at Radical Health: ImproveMEnt

Liz is passionate about sharing her knowledge. At Radical Health, we do not believe in ‘hording’ knowledge and we know that the more we know and understand our body, mind and spirit, and what makes them tick, the better we are able to take care of ourselves. This means ultimately breaking free of the disease-care-relapse cycle so many people are ‘stuck’ in and becoming truly independent.
We run weekly professional development sessions at Radical Health and offer monthly public workshops teaching simple self-maintenance practices that easily integrate into normal day-to-day schedules – no matter how busy your life may be. The development of these practices is inspired by tried and tested ancient principles of martial arts, rehabilitation exercises, physics, sound therapy, and more, and based on a sound understanding of body physiology and anatomy.  Practiced regularly, these life-style adaptations have helped many people conquer / improve not only their ‘daily niggles’ but even long-standing chronic aches and pains with little effort and over relatively short time periods (weeks to months).

At Radical Health, we are hungry for knowledge and we keep an open mind and an open heart – that’s how we keep our fingers on the pulse of time with regards to health and well-being. If you know of an interesting and exciting are of research, science or spirituality that you think we should be aware of, we’d love you to share your knowledge and interests with us.


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